Shellac-Gel Polish

Gel Polish will flawlessly last up to two weeks and dry instantly when done.

Gel with Manicure - $31
French Gel - $36

Organic/Dipping Powder

DIPPING POWDER SYSTEM is a natural choice… it is lightweight and flexible, and designed to feel like real nails; they are also more durable than acrylic. Unlike Acrylic and Gels, it doesn’t bond to the cuticle, and is more healthy for the natural nail bed. The Glossing Forever Shine Finish resists chipping and doesn’t require polish. Dipping Powder system process represents a complete new technology in nail enhancement.

Full Color - $37 & up
Two Color - $45 & up
Dipping with Manicure - $43


Acrylic Nails


Solar Nails

For an Elogant finish and a natural fashion look, try permanent French/Arnerican or Color tips. Refills are recommended bi-weekly and re-color every other visit. Service includes glossing gel or buffing.


Service Enhances